Planet Feeds Ltd.

Since its inception in 2013, Planet Feeds Ltd. always maintained and still is providing quality feeds to the dealers and farmers throughout the country. The companies always give preference in purchasing quality raw materials, from where the best outputs in feeds come. The company has the capacity of producing 10 Metric Ton feed per hour (5 Metric Ton mash feed + 5 Metric Ton pellet feed) and currently selling around 2,500 Thousand Metric Ton of commercial feed per month.

All kinds of ‘Broiler, Layer & Sonali Feeds’

  1. Broiler Starter (Crumble)
  2.  Broiler Grower (Pellet)
  3. Broiler Finisher (Pellet)
  4.  Layer Starter (Crumble)
  5.  Layer Grower Mash/Pellet
  6. Layer Layer Mash/Pellet - 1
  7.  Layer Layer Mash/Pellet - 2
  8.  Sonali Starter (Crumble)
  9.  Sonali Grower (Pellet)

All kinds of floating & sinking ‘Fish Feeds’

  1.  All kinds of Telapia Feeds
  2.  All kinds of Pangash Feeds
  3.  All kinds of Carp Feeds
  4.  All kinds of Koi, Shing, Magur Feeds

All kinds of  ‘Cattle Feeds’

  1.  Cattle Milk Feeds (Milk production)
  2.  Cattle Fattening Feeds